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HRcogs is designed and supported by people with a SPHR Human Resource background. With over 100+ years of combined HR experience, we have designed HRcogs with core HR principles and logic.

We are an Approved Provider with HRCI and have written several courses for re certification.

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This Is Our Mission

Many employees are open to engage when clear expectations are provided to them throughout the employee life cycle. Furthermore, these expectations must be the same standards that drive compensation, performance, training, and succession decisions. Our mission is to design HRcogs as a brute force, no nonsense eye candy application designed to do one job, engage employees with complete transparency.

Engage Employees

Employee engagement is determined by having a clear a direction about your role…

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Employee Portal

HRcogs saves time and money in the distribution of company information...

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Paperless System

Paperless HR can improve most of the key HR processes in your organization.

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Employee Home Page

We made HRcogs to do more than automate paperwork. HRcogs gives employees quick access to important data and information to allow them to optimally function in their job. HRcogs is designed to allow employees to find critical information with just a click or two. Whether it is employee goals, benefits, changing address, or updating their profile, employees can do this with a click or two.


Goal Alignment

The application allows each manager to assign employee goals in direct alignment with the manager's goals. As an option, goals can then be supported by metrics an/or task. Assigning tasks and/or metrics to goals helps make clear of what is expected to be achieved. Along with due dates, goals are weighted to clarify the importance of each assigned goal.


Department Goals In Org Chart Format

Goals are shown in an organizational chart format to give managers a quick bird’s eyes view of how departmental goals have been assigned down to the lowest level. Managers can quickly assess how departmental resources are being applied thus giving the managers the opportunity to make changes as necessary to goals and resources.


Real-Time Performance System

It’s no surprise employees feel the need for timely feedback and due recognition. It is an attribute, a requirement for them to perform better at work. They see this as an opportunity to take their career in the right direction. Rolling out a continuous feedback performance management program allows organizations to give employees what they really want so that employees can leverage from the ongoing feedback.



It's essential to base your job salaries on job content, not job titles. HRcogs guides you to write job profiles to be able to compare with market surveys and salaries. When job profiles align with the reward process, the reward system is able to compensate skills derived from the job profile. This reinforces a pay for skills culture.

The data HRcogs collects enable managers to quantify and visually illustrate the degree to which the department’s compensation program has been and likely will be aligned over time.

Hrcogs measures the critical data points that help drive managers to make sound pay decisions; market data, internal pay structure, performance rating, and individual weighting of employee goals.


Video Chat, Screen Sharing, Document Share, Texting

Hrcogs offers an instant messaging & conferencing web app with audio / video capabilities. Only employees can have one-to-one calls and group calls with multiple remote peers!

Calls are free and your employees can make and receive calls as often as they want, as HRcogs uses the native WebRTC and you do not have to pay anything.

Video sessions and screen sharing are restricted to employees only. Employees must be logged into HRcogs to access the video chat feature. So the company can be assured confidentiality is maintained within the company.

More Features

Other System Features

Horizontal Alignment - The Forgotten Alignment

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Workforce Utilization

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Job Costing

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HR Compliance

For Anyone With Newly Assigned HR Responsibilities

When it comes to Human Resources, you’ve got to know your stuff. Your organization and its employees are depending on you to provide accurate information, advice and answers on everything from government regulatory issues and benefits administration to the finer points of the employee handbook. You’ve also have to be current on all the latest HR legal issues, be available as a knowledgeable resource for employees, be able to mediate internal conflicts and disputes and be prepared to hire and fire personnel as necessary. You’ve got your work cut out for you, but we can help!


A price for every budget

We believe transparency is the right foot to start on.

Although we are certified sphr/phr HR consultants and passionate in what we do, we are also experienced employee benefit brokers with over 10 years of experience in blending health benefits with the total rewards strategy. As compensation experts, we can advise you how to best focus on the four basic objectives of total rewards: focusing your employee’s efforts, hiring quality employees, retention of top performers, and engaging your employees. We know health benefits is just one aspect of the total reward strategy, and we can guide you to maximize your HR budget.

Our price model is simple, we use the commission of the health benefit plans to fund all our services to you. Therefore, you pay absolutely nothing to use our HR application or to receive our HR services. Few brokers have the background or HR solutions comparable to what we offer. In fact, many brokers will avoid to even speaking about how the commission dollars are used to help you be successful. However, if you are committed to your current broker, and we totally understand that relationships are critical, we have a pay per employee per month fee at $1.99.

The main objective is to provide you with the tools and solutions so you can best serve your organization.

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HRcogs is designed and supported by people with a SPHR Human Resource background. With over 100+ years of combined HR experience, we have designed HRcogs with core HR principles and logic.

We are an Approved Provider with HRCI and have written several courses for re certification.

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